You can now purchase ADSL broadband services from a reliable fixed line Internet Service Provider who understands the concept of service. Tired of hitting your CAP and being stuck without bandwidth for the rest of the month? Our automated service allows you to go on line 24 hours a day and purchase more bandwidth 500MB at a time. You can also send notifications to track your usage. We have our own dynamic system that allows you to have a single semi-fixed IP at no additional charge. Most of the time this will do what most of the expensive fixed-IP solutions will do for you.

ADSL is seen as a cost-effective "no frills" way of connecting to the Internet.  Often used as a complimentary service to fixed-line Diginet, ADSL offers the client a reasonably fast and economical path for non-essential services such as browsing.

The "A" in ADSL stands for Asymetrical, meaning that the up-stream and down-stream speeds of the line are NOT the same.  Typically, a 384kbps ADSL line will have a best-effort down-stream (from the Internet to you) of 384kbps, and an up-stream speed of 128kbps.  Similarly, a 512kbps ADSL line will give you a best-effort up-stream of 256kbps, and a 4Mbps ADSL line will provide you with 384kbps of up-stream speed.

Installation can be done on the "self install" principle, or if you find this too daunting, a friendly eNetworks engineer will perform the installation on your behalf.

We can supply you with an ADSL modem, you can provide one yourself, or you can make use of our Free Modem Bundle by signing a one-year contract with eNetworks on any of our ADSL offerings.

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