Work Premium Uncapped ADSL Pricing
Meets high demands for premium quality suitable for large file downloads, gaming, video streaming and larger office networks.
  • R 1 166.67 Up to 4Mbps 
  • R 1 833.33 Up to 10Mbps
  • R 2 750.00 Up to 20Mbps
  • R 5 000.00 Up to 40Mbps
  • R 9 380.00 Up to 100Mbps

Order ADSL

Fixed block of IP addresses. Requires dedicated firewall. International access is fully redundant over multiple cable systems.

General Terms & Conditions

  1. No concurrent sessions: you can only login into your ADSL account from one location at a time
  2. You must have a DSL enabled router to make use of this service. Email us at for latest pricing
  3. Rental of a Telkom Analogue line (Not Prepaid) is a pre-requisite for DSL line rental
  4. Access to DSL is highly dependent on Telkom infrastructure in your area. Call us to inquire
  5. Internet Service Provider reserves the right to change the list of dis-allowed traffic categories without prior notice
  6. Service excludes Telkom ADSL Line rental. No support will be provided for the Telkom portion of your connectivity if DSL line is not managed by eNetworks
  7. Monthly billing is strictly via debit order
  8. All pricing above excludes VAT.
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